During Comic-Con, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige told ScreenCrush that he wasn't ready to announce anything with regards to 'Doctor Strange' at the time, and now a new report may help shed a bit more light on its status. The latest word to leak out of the MCU is that Marvel is sick of all the origin stories and, starting with 'Doctor Strange,' won't be featuring them in the future.

Devin Faraci from Badass Digest went on the SchmoesKnows network's latest 'Meet The Movie Press' podcast and spoke about 'Doctor Strange,' which currently has director Scott Derrickson and writer Jon Spaihts. According to Faraci, this installment of the Marvel movie canon will not be a classic origin story, as was the case with all the previous characters, but will instead pick up "in medias res" where Stephen Strange has already ascended to Sorcerer Supreme status.

"Marvel's new thing is no more origin stories," he said. "So, 'Doctor Strange' movie no longer has an origin." If you recall, an early draft of the script leaked last year, though Faraci says Marvel is "not even touching the previous script," and Spaihts is working completely anew.

While we wait for Marvel to make any sort of official announcement about 'Doctor Strange,' Oscar-nominated Joaquin Phoenix was said to be in talks for the title role, while Feige described the film as a "crazy acid-trip way of traveling through dimensions" with a 'Cosmos'-esque way of explaining "how the sorcerers do what they do." Considering one of the most famous (if not the most famous) story arcs in the comics is how Stephen Strange went from troubled, self-absorbed neurosurgeon to Earth's ultimate defense against supernatural threats, we're dying to know where Spaihts' and Marvel's heads are at for this new tale.

'Doctor Strange' currently doesn't have a release date, but, since Marvel said the project is in active development, we're predicting a 2016 release.