It’s the beginning of the end for Doctor Who as we know it, now that Season 10 will begin filming Steven Moffat’s last year with the sci-fi staple. Production set to begin next week, Doctor Who has even confirmed Matt Lucas will join the ride as the bumbling Nardole.

Following his character’s appearance in 2015 Christmas Special “The Husbands of River Song,” Lucas’ return has been confirmed for the inaugural outing of Season 10, which starts filming starts filming June 20 in Cardiff. In his address, departing boss Steven Moffat suggested Lucas’ return would extend beyond 2016's own Christmas Special as well:

Delighted and slightly amazed to be welcoming Matt Lucas back on to the TARDIS - and this time it’s not just for Christmas, he’s sticking around. One of the greatest comedy talents on planet Earth is being unleashed on all of time and space.

In addition to Michelle Gomez’s likely return as Missy, Season 10 will also feature Jekyll & Hyde star Stephanie Hyam in a minor role. Pearl Mackie will also joined in the role of new companion Bill, while Peter Capaldi has suggested Jenna Coleman’s Clara might return in some form.

As to the next run itself, Capaldi himself has only officially signed through the coming tenth season, despite having been asked to return after Steven Moffat’s last season in spring 2017. Following Moffat’s exit, Chris Chibnall will sub in as the new head writer and executive producer, to begin after Season 10.

We’ll at least have a Christmas special to look forward to this year, but what other notable returns should we expect for Steven Moffat’s final Doctor Who season? What reveals might the start of filming bring?

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