Was Peter Capaldi's arrival as the newest 'Doctor Who' star in the 2013 Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor" not enough for you? You're in luck! After a long wait, the BBC has officially set 'Doctor Who''s eighth season/series for an August 2014 premiere, with a brand new teaser trailer that highlights plenty of carnage in the TARDIS to come.

There isn't much to see in the brand-new teaser for 'Doctor Who' season 8, though we at least know that "the new Doctor lands," not crashes, sometime in August. For now, we have a silhouetted image of Peter Capaldi as the newest incarnation (following Matt Smith), as he attempts to hold the TARDIS equipment together from breaking apart.

Elsewhere, we’ve see Peter Capaldi's new costume, and even heard rumblings that Matt Smith could make a special appearance in the premiere. Samuel Anderson will guest as mysterious new companion Danny Pink, while Keeley Hawes will portray the villainous Ms. Delphox, in episode written by ‘Sherlock”s Steve Thompson and directed by Douglass Mackinnon. Ben Miller will portray yet another villain, and Hermione Norris has also been given a mysterious role.

August may seem like a timey-wimey wait away, but in the meantime, check out the first 'Doctor Who' season 8 trailer teaser above, and give us your predictions for the new series in the comments!

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