Time is a funny thing.  For The Doctor, it can fly by in two shakes of a police booth, but we're stuck on this blue marble experiencing everything at the speed of regular time.  That's why we're blessed to have such wonderful friends in the UK to keep up with 'Doctor Who's latest adventures filming abroad, and showing us the first official pictures from the new season!

Filming a scene we'd observed previously to be with actor Dougray Scott, Doctor Who TV has grabbed the first official shot from the new season of 'Doctor Who,' set to debut this fall in the US.  In it, we see the Doctor (Matt Smith) together again with his new companion Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman), while the Doctor rocks his ever-present bow tie, regardless of the era.  It remains to be seen what time period the pair find themselves in, but recent photos have suggested something of a Victorian-era.

Says Smith on the new Series:

It [filming on the new series] is going well. Jenna brings a really different energy to the show—one which I think is very interesting.

We've already seen a bit of new footage from the seventh series' first trailer, though at the time none of that came from anything involving Coleman as the new companion, replacing Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

What say you?  Are things looking up for the new season of 'Doctor Who,' or are you waiting to see Jenna-Louise Coleman in action before you make any judgements?  Tell us what you're most anticipating in the comments below!