Whovians everywhere have eagerly been anticipating 'Doctor Who's 2013 premiere episode "The Bells of St. John," even if 2012 Christmas Special episode "The Snowmen" gave us a satisfying introduction to the mysterious new companion Clara Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman). The March 30 return episode will see the newly-entwined duo going up against some some seriously evil WiFi (yes, WiFi), but how would you like an early sneak peek at the premiere? Learn the answer to the ultimate question of 'Doctor Who?' with new clips inside!

We're just over a week away from the 2013 premiere episode of 'Doctor Who' series 7B, which coincidentally debuts just one day before that other big genre series return. Saturday's all-new episode "The Bells of St. John" will delve deeper into the mystery of the strangely-resurrecting Clara Oswin Oswald, tagging along on her first real adventure with The Doctor as they battle an enemy hidden in the internet itself.

The BBC has released two new clips from the episode via late-night appearances, one of which teases an answer to the series' inevitable question, "Doctor Who?" The other capitalizes on the recent 'Doctor Who' series 7B poster by featuring the Doctor and Clara on a motorcycle, with very good reason not to utilize the TARDIS.

Will the major questions be answered this season of 'Doctor Who,' either about Clara or the Doctor himself? Check out the latest clips from March 30 premiere "The Bells of St. John" below, and tell us what you want to see from upcoming 'Doctor Who' in the comments!