Last summer, a spat allegedly broke out between Fast and Furious franchise megastars Vin Diesel and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson while shooting the latest installment The Fate of the Furious. There were rumors of unprofessionalism on set, Johnson threw around the term “candy-ass” pretty liberally, it was a hoot for all involved. But it did cast some doubt on Johnson’s future with the series; there was no telling whether the performer could be persuaded to return for another collaboration with a guy he seemingly couldn’t stand. But a new revelation today (well, new for all of you — Johnson and I are well-documented besties and have been Gchatting about this all week) clarifies the fate of this furious man.

The grandly disreputable scoop-hunters at TMZ have today’s exclusive that Johnson and Diesel have reportedly let bygones be bygones and will both return in full force for Fastly Furious 9, or whatever they end up calling it. TMZ’s item clarifies that the source of candy-ass-gate was a diva-ish dispute between the actors over what’s known in showbiz as “real estate,” the catchall term for the exposure a specific actor gets within the confines of a project. Diesel’s the originator of the Fast and Furious brand, and his Dom Toretto remains the central figure, so he was incensed at the shift in focus to Johnson’s character with the new film. But over the course of a few meetings, they‘ve moved past it all and have been quoted as being “1000% in” for whatever comes next.

Good to hear that our boys have left their beef behind and will reunite for another ride. After all, what is the Fast/Furious franchise all about if not fambly?

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