According to some reports (but not others), Sony has found the filmmaker to restart the Spider-Man franchise one more time, with The Sinister Six writer/director Drew Goddard swinging off of that project and onto a new Spider-Man franchise. But that still leaves the issue of who will play the new Peter Parker. Latino Review’s report on the Goddard rumor claimed they wanted a “new actor, probably an unknown” who’d start off in high school and grow with the part “a la Harry Potter.”

He’s not an unknown but one name that’s popped up repeatedly as a potential candidate is Dylan O’Brien, the star of The Maze Runner and MTV’s Teen Wolf series. And sure, he’s handsome, youngish, and a Mets fan; all major Spider-Man qualifications (yes, Spider-Man is a Mets fan — it’s canon, people!) But before the speculation could get too heated, O’Brien told Buzzfeed that unless things radically change, he won’t be playing the part. His words:

“Professionally, I haven’t heard anything about it. I’ve only heard from, like, [rumors] online ... It feels so weird to say. It’s so funny. My friends from New Jersey are calling me. They’re like, what are you not telling me, dude?! Spider-Man?!”

O’Brien sarcastically thanked the internet for giving him false hope (sorry about that dude), but he did call the rumors “nothing but flattering,” and confessed that he “always wanted to play Peter Parker.” It’s not too late Sony; maybe give this guy a call?

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