If you haven't been paying attention to anything that writer/director Edgar Wright has been making in the past few years then you're a fool. He's one of the most talented, innovative and witty filmmakers out there. So if you haven't been paying attention, then you should now with his new online project.

Today Edgar Wright presented to the world the first of many episodes to come of The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator.' What is it? It's a short animated series that made by director Edgar Wright and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards, a man who's worked in Marvel and LucasFilm.

In the story we're thrown into the unraveling world of the caffeine-fueled anti-hero – voiced by Julian Barratt – as the would-be writer tries to break the dam in his head and let ideas flood out. The music in the animated shorts are created by David Holmes, Keefus Green and Jade Vincent.

One of the things that makes 'The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator' so unique is the fact that the story is interactive. Not only are you watching the main character's tale unravel but you're able to take part of it in small ways in order to unlock new content or even to just let others know that they should check the animated series out. If any of you saw 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,' you already know that Edgar Wright is capable of not only properly weaving together a sharp story but is so in tune with this generation that he's able to keep their attention by literally keeping up to speed with the ever-growing short attention spans of our youth.

Now do yourself a favor and check out the first episode of Brandon Generator on this link here, courtesy of Edgar Wright's Blog.