One of the many great things about director Neill Blomkamp's tremendous 'District 9' is how it deftly blends insane sci-fi action with comedy and social satire. Much of the marketing for his sophomore effort, 'Elysium,' has focused on all of the cool action, but the first clip from the film showcases its sense of humor, promising that there will be plenty of laughs in between the gunfights.

The clip, which debuted on Yahoo Movies, finds ex-con Max De Costa (Matt Damon) speaking with what appears to be a robotic police officer after being wrongly accused of a crime. All of Max's attempts to explain the situation and clear his name are thwarted by the automated (and hilariously designed) machine, which informs him that his parole has been extended and offers him a pill when he gets angry. It's a quick, perfect picture of the bleak and overcrowded world of the film.

We've likened Blomkamp's brand of violent sci-fi satire to 'RoboCop' director Paul Verhoeven before, but this irritating police 'bot only invites further comparisons. Is it just us, or does the robot in the clip look a whole lot like the similarly bizarre "Johnny Cab" from the original 'Total Recall'?

'Elysium' opens on August 8, 2013.