There are few films that we're looking forward to more in the latter half of 2013 than Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium.' A new featurette and TV spot have arrived for the film, both of which emphasize the science-fiction concepts at the core of the story over the impressive action that has been showcased in previous trailers.

Although it takes place in a different science-fiction universe than Blomkamp's previous film, the amazing 'District 9,' 'Elysium' looks very much like it was cut from the same cloth. A badass sci-fi action movie with a dark, political message that skewers contemporary politics? Count us in.

2013 has been a banner year for original, big-budget science-fiction filmmaking ('Oblivion,' 'After Earth,' 'Pacific Rim' and the upcoming 'Snowpiercer'), but 'Elysium' looks like the wildest and ballsiest of the bunch, transforming the conflict between the 99 percent and the wealthy into a grungy, cyberpunk, post-apocalyptic adventure that features Matt Damon using a robotic exoskeleton to invade Jodie Foster's elite space station.

Remember when we said we were in? Well, we're still in. Paul Verhoeven would be proud. 'Elysium' hits theaters this Aug. 9.