The more we see from it, the more 'Elysium' looks like it could end up being the best movie of the summer. The latest trailer for the film continues that trend; we urge you to watch this thing right now.

The new trailer reveals much of the same storyline: set in a futuristic world where the privileged live on the "Elysium" space station and everyone else on the now-decrepit Earth, Matt Damon's "Max" learns the devastating news that he only has a handful of days to live, hence driving him to invade Elysium for a cure. But the elite space station is run with an iron fist by Jodie Foster. No easy task to circumvent, especially when a mad dog like Sharlto Copley is hunting you down.

While the film clearly has plenty of stirring action and top-notch visual effects, there's no doubt that director Neill Blomkamp is using those elements to enhance his character-driven tale. Just as in 'District 9,' the film is using a sci-fi setting to tell a story that will hit very close to home for many. He's only made two films - and one hasn't even been released yet - but Blomkamp is already firmly established as one of today's most exciting filmmakers.

'Elysium' opens on Aug. 9. We'll definitely be there; will you?