If you already know that you're going to be seeing Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium,' you may want to consider skipping out on the new extended trailer. It's not that it's a bad; in fact, it's the biggest and best look at the film that we've seen yet. But with the film only a week and change away, how much more do you need to know?

Although it definitely reuses much of the same footage from previous trailers, this extended look (via JoBlo) is about as slick, entertaining and enticing as movie marketing gets. The set-up is given a little more time to breathe this time around, though. We meet Matt Damon's Max, an ex-con attempting to make a living in a dystopian sci-fi world. We meet Alice Braga's character, a doctor who knows Max from back in the day. And, of course, we're introduced to the titular space station (ruled by Jodie Foster with an iron fist), which offers refuge to the rich and powerful while the poor masses struggle to survive on an over-populated, polluted Earth.

The trailer also offers our best look yet at Sharlto Copley's Kruger, an assassin assigned to stop Max from infiltrating Elysium. We like Copley a lot and the sight of him as a rag-tag hobo mercenary just makes us giddy. The fact that we're getting a movie where this character gets to fight a bionic Matt Damon is like a massage to the soul.

'Elysium' arrives in theaters on August 9, 2013.