For all the controversy and development lingo that plagued Gavin Hood's sci-fi epic 'Ender's Game,' the Harrison Ford- and Ben Kingsley-starring film hasn't quite broken the box office in the manner Lionsgate had hoped, leading to inevitable questions over the potential for a sequel moving forward. We won't know yet if 'Ender's Game' will live to fight another day at the box office, but with TV being utilized more and more to revive dormant film properties, could an 'Ender's Game' TV series be in our future?

It's too early to say for sure if the sequel has fallen through, as Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer told reporters in a Friday conference call that they would “wait another week or two” before making any kind of decision on the future of the film franchise, which has 12 more of Orson Scott Card's novels from which to pull. The author landing himself in hot water for his controversial views on homosexuality didn't help the situation, either.

So while an 'Ender's Game' sequel has yet to be decided, Feltheimer at least confirmed that a "TV spinoff was under consideration," according to Variety. The film has thus far taken in $32.5 million across its first five days at the US box office, with another $9 million overseas, which Feltheimer claims to be “virtually on base” with the studio's expectations.

We wouldn't mind the idea of seeing 'Ender's Game' as an ongoing series, what with the wealth of material waiting to be adapted, but what say you? Do you think the sci-fi epic would work better with a serialized narrative or a sequel feature film? Give us your thoughts on an 'Ender's Game' TV series in the comments!

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