'Episodes' is here!  Since just about every TV show under the sun wrapped with their season finale last night, including but not limited to 'The Killing,' 'Girls,' 'Nurse Jackie,' 'The Big C,' 'The Borgias,' 'The Client List,' and 'Fairly Legal,' we must look forward to the future!  Just as 'Falling Skies' debuted last night, and we'll have 'Weeds' to look forward to soon, Showtime fans can now catch the first episode of...well, 'Episodes!'

In advance of the Matt LeBlanc comedy's season 2 debut on July 1, Showtime has unveiled the full (albeit edited for the good stuff) premiere of 'Episodes' online!  Shockingly, it's titled "Episode 201."  The unedited premiere will officially debut on July 1, alongside the new (and final) season of 'Weeds,' though given the spoileriffic nature of the season-opener, we wouldn't expect that one to be made available.

‘Episodes’ returns with a batch of 9 new episodes (try not to get confused reading this), wherein we’ll see Matt attempt to mend the bromance between he and Sean (Stephen Mangan) following the separation with Beverly (Tamsin Greig) while forced into an awkward working relationship with Matt, as ‘Pucks!’ goes to full-blown series and suffers ratings decline.

So get to watchin' in the embed below, and tell us what you think of the new season of 'Episodes' in the comments below!