A live-action adaptation of Christopher Paolini's Eragon is now in development at Disney+. For many people, this was their very first exposure to grand high fantasy. The fact that it hasn’t gotten a well-received adaptation by this point is pretty strange, but if anyone can do the epic quartet of novels justice, it's probably Disney. The series itself is still in its pretty early stages of production, so not too much is known about who's working on it or when it'll be out.

The series itself follows a young boy named Eragon from the kingdom of Alagaësia. He's a simple farm boy when we first meet him. Then, everything changes. He finds what appears to be some kind of strange rock, and takes it back home. Eventually, the "rock" hatches, giving birth to a baby dragon. He tries to keep her secret at first, but it isn't long before people start to take notice. This is only the beginning of the series because from here, Eragon joins a secret order of dragon riders, set on destroying the evil king Galbatorix.

There was a previous adaptation before the one currently in development over at Disney, back in 2006. Stefen Fangmeier directed for the first time ever, and unfortunately, it didn't exactly pan out the way he had hoped.

The film did okay in the box office, likely just riding off of the hype around the novels. The critical reception on the other hand, not so good. It was supposed to be the beginning of a franchise, but plans to move forward were scrapped after the poor reception.

We don't know when exactly fans can expect the series, but we do know that Christopher Paolini will be involved in the writing.

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