So much of the fun of 'Evil Dead' is squirming in your seat. The plot - while there are some new updated devices - is largely something you should feel familiar with but the bloody parts? Those are something new and they're executed in a way (without CGI) that will impress even the most hardened gorehounds among you. To help celebrate those moments, we created 10 'Evil Deadl GIFs compiling all the nasty, gory, bloody and cringe-Worthy bits into little animated files you can to send to your friends to creep them the f--- out.

These 'Evil Dead' GIFs were created using all the available trailers and clips for the film and having seen the entire film (read our review here), we can tell you this is just scratching the surface of what goes on in this movie. You expect the camera to cut away, because that's what we've been trained so see with all the PG-13 horror movies of late. 'Evil Dead' does not cut away though; they hold on that moment when a girl licks a box-cutter and forks her own tongue.

Consider these moments just an appetizer. Check out these 10 'Evil Dead' GIFs below and check out the film in theaters on April 5.