One of the worst parts of modern horror movies is the use (and overuse) of CGI blood and CGI fire and, well, CGI everything. But you'll get none of that in the new 'Evil Dead' remake. NONE of it.

Have you seen the new 'Evil Dead' red band trailer? If not, go watch it now. If yes, you should go watch it now too. It's OK, we'll wait.

Back? Good.

Lots of crazy s--- going on in that trailer. Not the least of which involves a girl puking copious amounts of blood in another girl's face and a girl sawing off her own arm with an electric knife. And director Fede Alvarez says it's all done through the magic of practical effects. There's not a single shot of CGI in this movie. (We know, kinda hard to believe after you watch that trailer.)

Says Alvarez:

We didn't do any CGI in the movie. There's no CGI in the movie. Everything you will see is real, which was really demanding. This was a very long shoot, 70 days of shooting at night. There's a reason people use CGI it's cheaper and faster, I hate that. We researched a lot of magic tricks and illusion tricks.

About that aforementioned scene where the girl saws her own arm off, Alvarez says, "She goes for the knife, you see her arm, she starts going for it. And you think they're going to cut away at any moment, but we don't. She just goes for it and screams and the arm breaks and falls."

Yes. 100 times yes. Fede Alvarez for President of Hollywood.

We do have to say that the blood vomit scene looked CGI to us at first glance but we're willing to take Alvarez at his word and, frankly, can't wait to hear how they pulled that off.

'Evil Dead' hits theaters on April 12th but if you stay tuned, you might hear about an opportunity to see it a little earlier...

(quotes via io9)