Well, that didn't take long. Just days after 'Family Guy' aired its apparent shocker episode "Life of Brian," which saw a seemingly permanent end to its titular character, protests sprang up around the web for FOX's Seth MacFarlane series to revive the character. Now, a mysterious announcement website has emerged, along with a new episode description that may suggest Brian's return coming sooner than we think.

A new 'Family Guy'-oriented website has been making the rounds suggesting "A Special Announcement from Brian" to emerge in ten days' time, though FOX representatives deny the site was created in any official capacity. Still, the buzz surrounding the character's death, and supposed replacement dog Vinnie ('The Sopranos' star Tony Sirico) continues to grow with the press release for 'Family Guy''s upcoming Christmas Episode:

When Carter Pewterschmidt cancels the annual Quahog Christmas carnival, because he hates the holiday, Peter must transform his father-in-law from a Scrooge into a hometown hero in order to salvage the event. Meanwhile, Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas in the all-new “Christmas Guy” episode of “Family Guy” airing Sunday, Dec. 15.

Naturally, fans have begun to wonder if Stewie's "one and only thing he wants" would be Brian's return, considering the friendship forged between the pair over the years. Then again, while "Life of Brian" disassembled Stewie's time machine to the point that saving Brian from a car accident had seemed impossible, nothing suggested Stewie couldn't simply repair the device in the future.

We'd be hard-pressed to imagine that Brian stayed away from 'Family Guy' for very long, what with Seth MacFarlane still both voice and executive producer to the series, but do you think "Christmas Guy" will see the character restored? What do you think Brian's mysterious "announcement" will be? Watch the character's memorial below, and give us your thoughts in the comments!

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