For a season of ‘Family Guy‘ that's already featured Johnny Depp reprising the iconic role of Edward Scissorhands, you'd think the celebrity quotient would have been met. Not so! After appearing once as himself as well as in Seth MacFarlane’s feature-film debut ‘Ted,’ Ryan Reynolds makes his second 'Family Guy' appearance with this Sunday's "Jesus, Mary and Joseph," guesting as the son of God you never knew. Are you ready to meet Ryan Reynolds, your lord and savior in the latest clip?

Continuing the never-ending cavalcade of celebrity guest stars, this Sunday's Nativity-themed 'Family Guy' "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" will feature Ryan Reynolds in a brief, and even nigh-unrecognizable voice-over turn. Reynolds will appear in one of the show's trademark cutaways, portraying a "forerunner" to the sun of God.

Like so many other of the show's parodies, the episode will feature Peter casting the family into the roles of the Nativity, with an expectedly short-changed role for poor Meg. The episode will see the last new 'Family Guy' of the year, but it certainly isn't the last we'll hear from Seth MacFarlane.

Check out the latest 'Family Guy' clips of Ryan Reynolds role in "Jesus, Mary and Joseph!" below and tell us who you'd like to hear cameo in the comments!