The ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot is scheduled to hit theaters in seven months, yet we’ve known so little about Josh Trank’s film, and we’ve seen even less (like, zero) from the project. That changes now, as Trank and producer Simon Kinberg have opened up about the film, discussing everything from the comic book and cinematic influences, to the score and production, and we’ve even got our first official peek at the set.

Collider secured a lengthy interview with Trank and Kinberg, which finally sheds some light on ‘Fantastic Four.’ We’ve known so little about the film aside from who’s involved with it, making this interview our first real preview for the reboot. Collider also revealed the first official photos from the set, and while two of them are of Trank, one of them does give us a peek at Michel B. Jordan, which you can check out below.

In the interview, Trank reveals that it was definitely a conscious decision to not release anything official from the film until now because this isn’t like other Marvel movies, where audiences have a previous frame of reference or are familiar with the universe—all most people have to go on is Fox’s other two ‘Fantastic Four’ movies, which were pretty disappointing. Trank says they want to put their best foot forward with this film, which is why we won’t see any official footage or images (aside from the new set photos, which show basically nothing) until we see the first teaser. That teaser will hit theaters with ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ on February 13, and Kinberg says it features a Marvel Easter egg, so be on the look out for that.

Trank went on to establish that his ‘Fantastic Four’ is an origin story, which draws inspiration from Jack Kirby and Stan Lee’s work on the series beginning in the ‘60s, but also takes a cue from the ‘Ultimates’ series, particularly regarding the science. As for the look of the film, Trank says he was very inspired by David Cronenberg’s work—specifically ‘Scanners’ and ‘The Fly.’ Those with an appreciation for film scores will be pleased to know that both Philip Glass and Italian composer Marco Beltrami are working on the score for ‘Fantastic Four.’

The director reveals that his first cut of the film came in at two hours and 10 minutes, and that the final cut should be anywhere between two hours and two hours and 20 minutes.

We’ll see more on February 13, but for now, enjoy this set photo of Kinberg and Jordan:


‘Fantastic Four’ hits theaters on August 7.

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