'The Amazing Spider-Man' has cleared $150 Million domestically and $350 worldwide, which means that studios can feel safe about rebooting their superhero films. And with 'The Avengers' and Spidey kicking box office butt, Fox is looking to move forward on rebooting 'Fantastic Four' and 'Daredevil.'

But as they seem to be closing in our their director for 'FF' they've lost their director for 'Daredevil.' As has been rumored for months now, Deadline tells us that 'Chronicle' helmer Josh Trank is now a lock to direct that reboot, while David Slade has left 'Daredevil.'

Trank proved himself well with 'Chronicle,' but he would be following a line of recent low budget directors like Marc Webb and Jon M. Chu moved up to steering a big studio production without having done one before.  But with little middle ground in Hollywood, it's a sink or swim proposition.

David Slade leaving 'Daredevil' isn't that surprising as the project hasn't had much momentum lately. Likely they'll bring someone in shortly as both projects need to be in production for the studio to keep their deal with Marvel, and at some point they'd rather waste money then give up their golden geese. With 'Daredevil' they're cutting it close as it has to start filming by fall for Fox to keep the rights. Perhaps they'll hire Roger Corman again to make an undistributed version.