First and foremost, the Fantastic Four are a family. When they're not off saving the world from threats both cosmic and human, they're living together in the same building as a slightly dysfunctional but loving unit. However, director Josh Trank's upcoming reboot is looking to shake up the FF formula in some fascinating new ways, and the casting of Reg E. Cathey as the father of Johnny and Sue Storm is an interesting piece of the puzzle.

The news of Cathey's casting broke on The Hollywood Reporter. Fans of prestige television will recognize the imposing actor from key roles on HBO's 'The Wire' and Netflix's 'House of Cards,' and he's an excellent actor and a fantastic (pun intended) addition to Trank's diverse cast. His casting actually answers a big question regarding the relationship between the new Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) and Sue (Kata Mara). When those names were officially announced, fans immediately assumed that Johnny would be Sue's adopted brother due to their different races, so it's a pleasant surprise to see that either Sue is actually the adopted one, being a white daughter in a black family, or perhaps it'll be a mixed-race family unit.

This is a great choice for a number of reasons. First, it completely side-steps the "adopted black kid in a white family" cliche. Second, Cathey will be playing Dr. Franklin Storm, a respected surgeon, which means 'Fantastic Four' will feature a black family with a strong patriarch who raises two strong, intelligent heroes. Superhero movies (and Hollywood in general) don't always portray minority families with much depth or nuance, so making one of the most famous comic book families African American feels like a huge, massive and vital step forward.

And it's a great choice for the trivia minded! Cathey appeared alongside Jordan on 'The Wire' and alongside Mara on 'House of Cards,' so his presence in 'Fantastic Four' will make this an unlikely and amazing three-way reunion between the actors.

'Fantastic Four' is filming right now for a June 19, 2015 release date.

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