Just as Legends of Tomorrow seeks to complicate it, The Flash does its best to keep time-travel within certain limits, lest all our brains ker-plode. And after Reverse Flash brought a bit of Season 1 to us, The Flash will take us back to Season 1 with a time-travel tale returning Andy Mientus as the Pied Piper.

Per Entertainment Weekly, the upcoming seventeenth episode of The Flash Season 2 will see Smash star Mientus reprising his first season role as DC villain “Pied Piper,” but perhaps not in the present day. According to the report, Mientus’ Hartley Rathaway will be featured in “Flash Back” to “wreak havoc once again on his former colleagues when The Flash impossibly revisits an earlier timeline.”

Assuming we haven’t got our timelines crossed, that would imply that the present Barry Allen speeds back a year in time, farther than we’ve ever seen him travel to date. To paraphrase a certain silver-haired doctor, the consequences to the timeline could be disastrous.

In any case, The Flash will take his first trip to Earth-2 in just a few hours, a clip of which you can find below, in addition to all the latest upcoming Flash details.

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