The moment Supergirl folded in The Flash (and by extension Arrow) into its iteration of the “Multiverse,” questions arose as to which Earths might have unseen counterparts of familiar faces from either network. Now, Flash boss Andrew Kreisberg answers if we might see Melissa Benoist’s Kara Zor-El on The Flash, and what other DC moniker she might have.

It’s been reasonably well-documented, the effort involved in bringing Flash star Grant Gustin to work on Supergirl’s Los Angeles set for a few days, but returning the favor may not be so easy as shuffling Melissa Benoist up to Vancouver. There’s also the issue of how Kara might cross the same universal breaches that Barry uses his speed to navigate, but in conversation with Entertainment Weekly, both series’ producer Andrew Kreisberg says Supergirl might not have to.

Asked if the Flash and Arrow world (or Earth-1, depending) might have a Kara Danvers of its own, Kreisberg offered:

Any Kara that exists on Earth 1 would also have to have been an alien. It can’t just be Kara Danvers from Poughkeepsie.

A natural assumption, if indeed Barry’s universe has a Krypton as well, to which EW posed if their Earth’s version could instead exist as Power Girl, a noted alternate-universe identity of Kara Zor-El:

Sure, different costume, but sure.

It’s unclear if Kreisberg simply means a different costume than the CBS iteration we know, or was perhaps referencing the infamously revealing Power Girl costume, which itself has often proved a point of contention between artists and fans. In any case, it might make sense for any Earth-1 Kara to adopt a separate identity independent of Superman, who has not been noted to exist in Barry or Oliver’s world.

It’s probable that a second season of Supergirl could again interact with the CW DC dramas in some form, though it’s more likely to involve the Kara we’ve followed on CBS all season, than a doppelganger on any Flash Earths.

Still, would The Flash be best served to find its own version of Super or Power Girl to feature on occasion, or should we stick to crossovers between the prime pair?

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