El Rey’s From Dusk Till Dawn adaptation has surprisingly kept up through three full seasons, but coffins may or may not close on a fourth year. The cast has apparently been let go from their contracts, though it’s possible a limited series might keep the Gecko brothers in business at least one more year.

Per Deadline, options on the From Dusk Till Dawn cast apparently lapsed before El Rey formally made a decision on the series beyond Season 3, itself an adaptation of Robert Rodriguez’s 1996 Miramax movie with Quentin Tarantino. Rodriguez will soon have his hands full directing Alita: Battle Angel, which could push a From Dusk Till Dawn decision until 2017.

According to reports, El Rey may consider a new From Dusk Till Dawn installment in the form of a limited series or miniseries, which “would explain the decision to let the actors’ options lapse,” though “the idea is, if a new installment of the series goes forward, to do it with the same actors.”

From Dusk Till Dawn has been something of a flagship series for El Rey, but would a fourth run bring the series to a close, or leave fans hanging? Watch the most recent trailer in the meantime.

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