Though FX had initially seemed confident in FX dramedy 'Wilfred''s third season, the significantly lower ratings have effectively put the series down for good. The cable network has announced that the surreal Elijah Wood-Jason Gann comedy will move to FXX for shortened final season in 2014, wrapping up its run altogether after four years.

The fourth and final FXX season of 'Wilfred' will take place over 10 episodes, down from the 13 of previous years. On the bright side however, departed showrunner David Zucker will return to helm the doggie drama in its final year, after co-showrunners Eli Jorne and Reed Agnew stepped up to lead in his absence.

'Wilfred''s third season had proven especially rough on the viewership, despite such guest stars as 'Dexter' vet James Remar playing Ryan (Wood)'s oft-discussed father, '30 Rock' star Kristen Schaal as Ryan's roommate, and returning guest stars Mary Steenburgen and Chris Klein. The third season finale drew approximately 440,000 viewers, down from its premiere high of 650,000. Previously, the 2011 premiere debuted to approximately 2.55 million viewers.

An understandable move for FX, considering we'd previously heard Wood to say 'Wilfred' shouldn't last as long as other comedies given its surreal nature, but what say you? Will you tune in for the final episodes of 'Wilfred' in 2014? Should FX have given the series another chance?