TBS’ Conan has been running strong for six full years now, frequently pushing the format with trips to Comic-Con, Cuba and more, but not everything goes off without a hitch. See for yourself, as wayward ravens derail Conan and Andy’s attempt to make a Game of Thrones sketch in a new behind-the-scenes sneak peek.

Team Coco released a new look at an unaired Conan sketch intended for late June (or perhaps early July), aimed at the Game of Thrones finale that would have aired that prior Sunday. In it, Conan notes that Tommen Baratheon’s – spoiler alert – suicide only makes the line of succession more confusing, for which Andy suddenly gets a fortuitous raven.

It isn’t clear exactly why the bit ended up dropped, as both Andy, Conan and the writers offstage definitely seemed to get a kick out of it, but the props definitely became a little troublesome with multiple fake ravens having note after note gummed to their feet.

In any case, we’ll see Cersei in the line of succession next summer, for which Conan will have plenty of time to sort out those raven kinks.

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