Everyone engages with Game of Thrones in their own way, many electing to stay off Twitter altogether, but those braving the timeline would likely notice SNL and Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones with some of the best live-tweets out there. Seth Meyers certainly recognized as much, inviting her to watch Sunday’s “Battle of the Bastards” and offer live-commentary.

Meyers debuted the aptly-titled eight-minute “Game of Jones” segment of he and Jones watching Sunday’s latest Game of Thrones together (with a special SNL guest!), chock full of Jones’ priceless reactions to Ramsay’s smirking villainy, or the Wise Masters’ choice in attire. Among the variety of topics discussed, Jon Snow can of course get it, but even Jones has her limits when it comes to battlefield blood and mud staining her sheets.

Jones is sure to have equally priceless reactions to the Game of Thrones finale this Sunday, so can we please give her her own show, already?

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