The first episode of 'Game of Thrones' season three is only two months away and we still haven't seen a proper trailer. For fans of Westeros and its many doomed inhabitants, this is akin to being tortured by Gregor Clegane within the terrifying walls of Harrenhal, but we'll probably be okay if we stick together and don't despair. Anyway, you can assuage your anticipation for the new season with a brand new "Invitation to the Set" featurette, which gives us a glimpse at many new characters and locations.

Featured prominently in the footage are new cast members Ciarán Hinds and Diana Rigg, who take on two of the most important roles in the entire 'A Song of Ice and Fire' saga. Hinds is Mance Rayder, the rebel Night's Watchman who has raised an army in the north and is marching on The Wall with ill intent and Rigg is Olenna Redwyne, the scheming grandmother of Natalie Dormer's Margaery Tyrell. Considering the caliber of both thespians, you can expect that both will leave quite an impression on the show (and the audience!).

There's also plenty of footage of the returning cast, including the ever-popular Tyrion, the ever-up-to-no-good Tywin, the ever-righteous Robb and everyone's favorite ice cold murder child, Arya. Fans of Daenerys will be pleased to see that she's has a ton on her plate this season -- she won't have time to whine about her missing dragons when she's so busy raising an army.

Are you excited for the return of 'Game of Thrones'? If not, why not? That second question is rhetorical. The answer is because you're silly.