How much would you pay for the opportunity to break bread with George Clooney and the leader of the free world? If you have 12 quarters lying around and you're willing to donate them to President Obama's reelection campaign, that may be all it takes.

In two separate fundraising emails sent by the president's campaign this week, supporters were offered the chance to have dinner with him and Clooney for just a $3 donation. One read in part:

Want to meet George Clooney and Barack Obama -- at Clooney's house? He's hosting supporters at his home next month to help build support for this campaign and elect President Obama in November. And he's saving seats for two grassroots supporters like you and their guests ... If you donate $3 or whatever you can today, you'll be doing your part to support the campaign, and be automatically entered to join them in Los Angeles.

It's not the first time the pair have joined forces. The day before the Oscar-winning actor was arrested last month during a protest at the Sudanese Embassy, he met with the president at the White House and attended a state dinner for UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

But the $3 asking price is way less than what it normally takes to rub elbows with Clooney and Obama. The price of admission at a recent Los Angeles fundraiser ranged from $250 to more than $35,000.

And since George tends to find his girlfriends in unlikely places, anything could happen at the upcoming feast. Think what a great story it would make for the grandchildren.