Whether or not you’ve kept up with the Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World sequel series Girl Meets World, one can’t deny the old ABC series left a few urgent mysteries hanging about. Today at last revs one of the list, as Mr. Turner will finally return from his infamous motorcycling exit for Girl Meets World Season 2.

The show’s writers confirmed that Anthony Tyler Quinn would return to the famous role in Season 2 episode “Girl Meets the New Teacher,” having not been seen on-camera since Boy Meets World‘s fourth season. The character had famously been injured in a motorcycle accident, his subsequent fate left unresolved, only for the series’ final high school episode to offer a vague update when Minkus (Lee Norris) called out to the character off-screen.

According to TVLine, the Turner return (anagrams!) may see the new teacher gunning for Corey’s job, while also confirmed for the second season are Will Friedle as Cory’s brother Eric, Trina McGee-Davis as Shawn Hunter’s ex Angela Moore and Blake Clark as his late father Chet. Excited though we are to see Mr. Turner addressed, call us when Girl Meets World brings back Sergio and Nunzio.

Who else from the annals of Boy Meets World history should pop up for appearances in season 2?

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