From the moment the Disney Channel announced that it was partnering with 'Boy Meets World' creator Michael Jacobs to develop a spin-off series around Cory and Topanga's daughter Riley with 'Girl Meets World,' fans of the series have been abuzz about what other characters from the classic ABC series might appear. We've since learned from all involved that 'Girl Meets World' will definitely be its own show, but how much of Cory and Topanga can we actually expect to see? Jacobs speaks out about the pilot inside!

'Girl Meets World' has certainly been rolling along in the last few weeks, casting Rowan Blanchard in the title role along with Sabrina Carpenter as best friend Maya, in addition to a host of new (yet familiar) characters to be introduced as friends and family. And yet, much of the initial buzz surrounding the series stems from returning leads Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel, along with other potential past stars of the series popping up now and again.

Original series creator, and 'Girl Meets World' executive producer and pilot helmer Michael Jacobs sat down with Entertainment Weekly to clarify a few bits of the pilot, particularly that the decision to parallel Riley's growing up with that of her parents' experiences and growth prevented him from passing on the original pitch.

Cory Matthews doesn’t know how to be a father. He’s following in the footsteps of [Mr. Feeney], the most influential character in his life. Should he be? Will he succeed? Can he influence children like Feeney influenced children?

What is Topanga’s observation of that? How does she help? And what is Topanga’s life? And what has she become? You’ll remember we left the series and they were in Philly and they were going on an adventure to go to New York. Did they succeed? Did it work? All of that will be answered in the pilot.

Jacobs also revealed that young Riley would definitely contain character facets of both her parents, but one much more-so than the other, to be revealed as the series unfolds. Of course, the producer kept mum on specifics about what past character could return as the series goes on, but did claim to have spoken to a number of 'Boy Meets World' stars who had expressed interest in taking part in the series.

Well, what say you? Are you interested to see where 'Girl Meets World' goes as a new series, or are you only interested to see what 'Boy Meets World' characters return? Give us your take on 'Girl Meets World' in the comments, as the pilot readies to shoot!