The adaptation of the best-selling mystery novel The Girl on the Train already boasts the incredible duo of Emily Blunt and Rebecca Ferguson, and while it may have just lost Chris Evans, it did gain Justin Theroux, who — along with his eyebrows — has been captivating us weekly in the increasingly great second season of The Leftovers. Oh, and this very well-cast new movie also has an official release date.

THR reports that Evans dropped out of The Girl on the Train, the adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ best-selling novel from The Help director Tate Taylor. Although Taylor doesn’t seem like the perfect fit for the movie version, the casting so far has been excellent. Theroux is replacing Evans in the film, which also stars Blunt, Ferguson, Jared Leto, Haley Bennett and Edgar Ramirez.

The Girl on the Train centers on a woman struggling with alcoholism after her husband leaves her for his mistress. The woman grows increasingly obsessed with a seemingly perfect couple she glimpses daily in their home on her train commute to work. It isn’t long before that perfect facade cracks and, believing she’s witnessed a gruesome murder, the woman finds herself much more involved in the couple’s life than she thought.

Blunt is playing the lead role, while Theroux will play her unfaithful ex-husband. In addition, DreamWorks has set a release date of October 7, 2016.