Where Biel and Berkley were fighting to eradicate their youthful good girl images, Jennifer Aniston was trying to get away from a nice girl role she dedicated a decade of her adult life to playing: Rachel Green on the long-running NBC sitcom 'Friends.' Aniston needed to convince the world that she wasn't just shopaholic Rachel Green, whose name could hardly be mentioned in the same breath without uttering the name "Ross." And so after 'Friends' ended, Aniston signed on to star in 'The Good Girl' opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, who was similarly trying to prove himself after 'Donnie Darko.' In the film, Aniston plays a married cashier at a local, smalltown shopping mart who engages in an affair with a much younger man. Aniston went nude for the role because in Hollywood, if you want to get edgy, you have to take your clothes off. It's ridiculous, but true. She proved herself with the role, but has hardly had any great parts since, and has instead been relegated to typical rom-com fare, though she did get a bit edgy again with 2011's 'Horrible Bosses.'