As much as we love the work of Aaron Sorkin, it won't last forever. One day 'The Newsroom' will run its course, as 'The West Wing' fades into memory, and forgotten efforts like 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip' become cautionary tales. So what better way to pay tribute to one of Aaron Sorkin's fallen, than to reunite 'Studio 60' stars Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford? Find out who Whitford will play on NBC's 'Go On' inside!

Did someone finally un-cancel 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip?' No, don't be ridiculous, that won't happen for at least another season. Instead the '30 Rock'-trumped Aaron Sorkin series will have a mini-reunion of its own on NBC's 'Go On,' as Bradley Whitford appears alongside series star Matthew Perry.

"Working with Bradley Whitford again is so much fun," Perry wroted Wednesday on Twitter. "I mean, I wish we weren't in a hot tub together, but you can't ask for everything.#GoOn" For now, NBC is keeping details of the role under wraps before its as-yet-unscheduled 2013 air-date.

Former 'West Wing'-er Bradley Whitford also appeared on NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' last season, and will next be seen in a recurring role on the third season of Showtime's dramedy 'Shameless.'

What say you? Has 'Go On' been flying too far under the radar for you to watch? Will the 'Studio 60' reunion of Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford get you tuning in? Give us your take in the comments!