Late last month, FOX Bat-prequel Gotham made one of its most villainous castings yet, setting Law & Order legend B.D. Wong as iconic Bat-foe Hugo Strange, though it was tough to imagine the Jurassic World baddie in the iconic bald, bearded spectacles look. Now, Wong offers an early look at Gotham’s Hugo Strange, with a suggestion of some unique applications.

Wong shared a few curious posts on Instagram previewing his Gotham turn, the first showcasing multiple Hugo Strange looks, purportedly with a specific design to be finalized later. See for yourself:

Perhaps more curiously, Gotham‘s makeup team took a full cast of Wong’s head and torso, suggesting some more extensive makeup, or perhaps effects work:

Wong will crop up in Gotham for recurring role of Hugo Strange, a brilliant professor and psychiatrist tapped to head up Gotham City’s notorious Arkham Asylum. Of course, Strange also has a nefarious streak, conducting experiments on inmates and testing extraordinary abilities in order to create superhuman folks for the same Wayne Enterprises “Indian Hill” glimpsed in “By Fire.”

Gotham’s particular brand of absurd violence hasn’t slowed down one bit, but will Wong make for a more faithful Hugo Strange than expected? Which of the above looks best suits the character, if not the classic?

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