We're keeping tepidly curious about The CW's forthcoming Green Arrow TV series, simply title 'Arrow.'  On the one hand, we're wondering how the series incorporates and DC comics characters, particularly compared to the way 'Smallville' handled them, but on the other 'Arrow' looks to be a solid action piece either way.  That said, guess what previously unannounced DC character definitely makes his presence known in the new trailer?

Starring Stephen Arnell, The CW's 'Arrow' is certainly shaping up to be a unique take on the DC character.  Sure, there are those who will say that the show's tone eschews dangerously close to that of Christopher Nolan's 'Batman Begins,' but honestly, how many orphaned billionaires take to fighting crime after a long period of absence these days?

So while we've been following the promos and casting for the show very carefully, one thing about The CW's new extended trailer for the series certainly caught our eye.  At around 3:22 in the trailer below, you'll notice some quick cuts of an orange and black mask with an arrow through one of the eyes.  DC Comics fans will know this to belong to master comic assassin Deathstroke!  Most famously portrayed on the 'Teen Titans' cartoon, an incarnation of  Deathstroke also appeared in the final season of 'Smallville,' portrayed by 'Battlestar Galactica' vet Michael Hogan.

It remains to be seen just how large a presence the famous DC comics villain will have in 'Arrow,' not traditionally one of Oliver Queen's foes, but it's an exciting tease nonetheless.  Check out the trailer below, and hit us up in the comments with what you'd like to see from The CW's new series 'Arrow,' debuting this fall!