The biggest news coming out coming out of today’s Warner Bros. panel at Comic-Con: A confirmation of one of the biggest comic-book movie rumors in recent weeks, that Green Lantern is coming back to the big screen in the near future, and this time with multiple heroes sharing the spotlight. Reports have tied both Chris Pine and Tyrese Gibson to the project, and while neither gentleman was on hand in Hall H at Comic-Con today, Warners did confirm the movie is in the works, and it has a title: Green Lantern Corps.

This will be the second attempt at getting the Green Lantern comic book right onscreen. In 2011, director Martin Campbell made a big-budget version starring Ryan Reynolds as test-pilot-turned-space-cop Hal Jordan. The movie was the rare cinematic superhero flop; it made just $219 million worldwide against a reported budget of some $200 million, and was widely derided as one of the ugliest and dumbest comic-book films in history.

That film also featured the concept of a Green Lantern Corps, with an entire army of aliens each possessing their own green ring of power, fighting the forces of evil throughout the universe. Still, it focused primarily on Reynolds’ Jordan; the new Green Lantern Corps would supposedly have multiple main characters. The recent internet buzz said Pine would take over the role of Jordan, while Tyrese Gibson would play his partner (and popular Green Lantern from DC animated series like Justice League Unlimited) Jon Stewart.

None of that was announced at Comic-Con, though. All we have right now is the title. And, I guess, the hope that this Green Lantern Corps will greatly improve on the original.

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