In a bit of news that will make you say, “Huh? Why?” it looks like Guy Ritchie might be directing a live-action version of Disney’s Aladdin.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Richie is in talks to helm the movie, which is being described as “an ambitious and non-traditional take” on the 1992 animated classic. Hm, does that mean the new Genie will be a wise-cracking Scottish guy who speaks in 99 percent expletives? Will the marketplace chase scene become a bullet-filled shootout? Just thinking about what he’ll do with Aladdin and Jasmine’s magic carpet rise is already getting me worried.

To make matters weirder, the movie will reportedly keep many of the musical elements from the original and follow a non-linear plot. Ritchie is known for his high-octane action sequences, so how that will translate to a family-friendly musical is certainly a bit of a head-scratcher. His Sherlock Holes producer Dan Lin will produce the Disney project with him.

Ritchie most recently directed the period spy movie The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which was mostly just pretty people shooting guns. He’s currently working on the new King Arthur movie starring Charlie Hunnam.

Last year THR reported another live-action Aladdin project was in the works, a prequel titled Genies described as an origin story of Robin Williams’ character in the original. That project was said to lead into this live-action Aladdin movie, but there’s been no word on the former since. So for now, we’re just wondering what a Guy Ritchie Disney movie will look like. There’s also the live-action Lion King and Mulan on the way, on top of the zillions of other Disney live-action remakes.

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