It’s that time again — if you aren’t one of those obsessive compulsive Halloween lovers who have already planned out their costume weeks or even months in advance, chances are you’re scrambling for ideas for what to wear next week. If you also count yourself as a big fan of movies (and you do, which is why you are here), you might find yourself wanting to wear a costume inspired by one of this year’s new releases. Don’t, we repeat, do not be one of those people who buys a costume in a bag at a Halloween super store. There are plenty of ways for you to have a cool movie-inspired costume and show off your creativity without caving in and dressing as Sexy Pizza Rat.

We’ve collected 10 ideas for fun Halloween costumes for you inspired by characters from some of this year’s major movie releases. Want to get romantically spooky? Show your nerdy side? Play with toy raptors? Get Furios(a) on the Fury Road? We’ve got you covered.


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