Marvel is well aware that its upcoming 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is going to be a tough sell compared to the earthbound adventures of Iron Man, Captain America and the other Avengers. For whatever reason, men transforming into giant green rage monsters just seems easier to believe than a universe-trotting team of heroes that includes a sentient tree and a genetically modified raccoon. This is the type of project that requires a director with a very specific touch. Enter James Gunn.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Gunn, who has previously helmed 'Slither' and 'Super,' is in negotiations to direct Marvel's first purely cosmic adventure. At first glance, he seems like an odd choice. His previous films, while absolutely terrific, are R-rated, ultra-violent dark comedies that are in no way suitable for all ages. This is a man who learned the filmmaking ropes in Troma, under Lloyd Kaufman's tutelage. He's an odd choice...but he's also kind of perfect. Like Joss Whedon, he's a dyed-in-the-wool geek capable of balancing multiple genres. His oddball touch would be perfect for this oddball group. Not to mention, it's about time a guy as talented as Gunn got a shot at a blockbuster.

Although Gunn is first on Marvel's list, they also have a few runner-ups, just in case. Other options on the table include Peyton Reed (who directed 'Bring It On' and almost directed 'Fantastic Four' back in the day) and the directing team of Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden (who directed the well-liked 'Half Nelson'). Gunn may be a left field choice, but these are even further out there. You've got to admire Marvel for thinking outside the box.

'Guardians of the Galaxy' is still two years away, but we should expect final word on a director soon. What do you think of James Gunn taking the lead on this one?