The Hateful Eight is a holiday season blessing to us all — well, to some of us, anyway. Quentin Tarantino’s latest film is hitting 100 theater screens specially-equipped with 70mm projectors on Christmas Day, while the rest of the nation will have to wait for the January wide release. But you won’t have to wait as long as you previously assumed because The Weinstein Company has moved the wide released up a whole seven days.

That’s right, according to Deadline, everyone — regardless of their access to a theater with a 70mm projector — will be able to see The Hateful Eight on New Year’s Day. So you might want to cool it with the New Year’s Eve cocktails if you want to be able to leave your house on January 1 to go see this movie, and trust me, you do.

Rumors surfaced this week that only 50 theaters would be getting the proper 70mm roadshow release on Christmas Day, while the remaining 50 would be digital prints of the 70mm cut, but Deadline says those rumors are entirely inaccurate and all 100 screens will be projecting the intended print.

When the film goes nationwide on January 1, you’ll be able to see the regular theatrical cut in 35mm or digital, though it’s unclear if theaters with the 70mm print (and its digital version) will offer this regular version in addition to the roadshow cut, which is six minutes longer.

That seems a bit confusing, but there’s still some facts we don’t know about the release plan, while The Weinstein Company has yet to begin selling tickets for the roadshow event, nor have they released an official listing of all 100 theaters projecting it.

But hey, at least those of you who won’t be able to attend the roadshow screenings of The Hateful Eight don’t have to wait an additional week to catch up with those who did.