Well, we may not be able to get Benedict Cumberbatch back to Sherlock, or Hayley Atwell to Agent Carter, but the networks are at least keeping them busy. Atwell has signed on for a new Starz miniseries adaptation of Howards End, written by Manchester By the Sea scribe Kenneth Lonergan.

Starz and the BBC will co-produce the four-episode limited series adaptation of E.M. Forster’s novel, with Lonergan writing and White Girl director Hettie Macdonald helming the episodes. Hayley Atwell will star as Margaret Schlegel, with Matthew Macfadyen taking the role of Henry Wilcox and Tracey Ullman portraying Aunt Juley Mund.

So reads the synopsis:

Executive produced by Playground in association with City Entertainment and KippSter Entertainment, this four-part limited series explores the changing landscape of social and class divisions in turn of the century England through the prism of three families: the intellectual and idealistic Schlegels, the wealthy Wilcoxes from the world of business, and the working class Basts.

The series will (as you can imagine) shoot in and around London, though no explicit premiere window has yet been claimed. Stay tuned for more on Hayley Atwell’s Howards End in the meantime.

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