We've heard plenty about 'LOST' veteran Damon Lindelof's upcoming HBO rapture drama, 'The Leftovers,' based on 2011's Tom Perotta book of the same name, but little in the way of casting or shooting. Now Mr. Jennifer Aniston himself, Justin Theroux, has joined in a leading role, but what's the new religious series all about?

'The Leftovers' may sound misleadingly mediocre as a title, but the upcoming HBO drama's new leading man is anything but. Via Entertainment Weekly, we've learned that Theroux will take the leading role in Lindelof's new series, directed by 'Friday Night Lights'' Peter Berg.

Set after the biblical Rapture, ‘The Leftovers’ follows the tale of those left behind on Earth, not chosen to be taken up to Heaven. The people of the small town must begin to rebuild their lives after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of over 100 people. Says the logline: “The Rapture happens. But not quite like it’s supposed to. This is the story of the people who didn’t make the cut... and a world that will never be the same.”

Theroux will take the central role of Kevin Garvey, the town’s chief of police (mayor in the novel) and a father of two, “a man trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy in a world that is starting to completely reject that notion.”

Well, what say you? Are you interested to see what HBO and Damon Lindelof cook up for 'The Leftovers'?

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