What would you do to have your own video store?

Someone spent about three and a half years creating their own custom video store in their basement. The results wre posted to Twitter and they are ... astounding.

It's complete with a sign as you enter that reads “Mondo Video,” followed by various film posters. When you finally make it down the stairs, there's a checkered floor and hundreds of films categorized according to genre. There are cardboard standees everywhere, as well as a custom logo panel behind the counter.

Like any good authentic video store of the 1980s, there is even an "Adults Only" section, and behind it there is a secret room with a home gym, complete with a punching bag, other workout equipment, and a cutout of Hulk Hogan, along with fitness tapes. Behind Mondo Video is a whole other room, devoted to children’s movies. Inside is a CRT setup, tons of children's movies, and posters for classic kids movies like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. As we travel further into the setup, we enter a whole home theater, which includes a wall of Laserdiscs.

You might think all of that is enough, right? Well, apparently not. The video store’s owner added an entire kitchen into the video store, likely to be able to chef up some theater snacks on the fly without having to go upstairs. But it’s not just through another doorway like the rest of the rooms. It’s accessed by pulling a secret movie on one of the shelves, which then opens a hidden door. The kitchen includes a fridge and a selection of “Culinary horror” and ”Comfort Food” films.

You can watch the whole jaw-dropping tour of the home video store below:

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