Amidst some pretty incredible episodes of 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'The Walking Dead' and even 'Dexter' last night, one Sunday night show really got people talking last night: 'Homeland'! Only five episodes into its sophomore season and already the premise has been turned completely on its head, with no once certain how the new dynamic will play out. But what do the latest clips from next week's "A Gettysburg Address" reveal?

Gasp, spoiler alert, Brody's been made! And not only that, but he's decided to help the CIA and Carrie Mathison bring down Abu Nazir however they can! Even with Congressman Brody's confession, Carrie, Saul and the others still have plenty of work ahead of them, as next week's "A Gettysburg Address" will put their new asset to the test with his first assignment to get close to Roya Hammad (Zuleikha Robinson).

Judging by the below clip from Sunday's all-new episode, Brody is still a bit iffy about working for the CIA, especially with stabby Quinn (Rupert Friend) hanging about. She won't be the only one to keep an eye on, however, as Saul worries that Carrie might be falling into some old habits by getting too close to her new asset!

Check out the clips from next Sunday's 'Homeland' below, and give us your conspiracy theories in the comments!