Only three episodes into its sophomore season, and already Emmy-darling terrorism drama 'Homeland' has been dropping bombs left and right.  The cat seems to be out of the bag with regard to one of Carrie Matheson's targets, but bringing them in will be another matter altogether.  This Sunday's all-new episode "New Car Smell" will see Carrie and Saul putting together a team to go after the target, but what new complications might pop up along the way?

It might not be the 'New Car Smell" filling your nose, but something definitely stinks about the latest episodes of 'Homeland.'  By that, we mean it can't be so easy to take down Sergeant Congressman Nicholas Brody, can it?  Saul may have Brody's confession tape in his pocket, but it isn't as simple as slapping a pair of cuffs on the man.

First, he'll have to clear everything through CIA director Estes, and even afterward, a team under Estes' supervision (and reluctantly Carrie) will have to prove the man's guilt via constant surveillance!  Will the team find what they're looking for to expose Brody as a terrorist?  Or will the Congressman have another ace up his sleeve for avoiding blame?

Check out the latest clips from "New Car Smell" below, and be sure to watch the new episode of 'Homeland' season 2 this Sunday on Showtime!