As hard as we find it watching 'Homeland' after 'SNL' and Anne Hathaway's near-perfect skewering of the Emmy-winning Showtime series, the second season is definitlely spiraling into an incredible year.  Not only did Carrie and the others successfully uncover Congressman Brody's treason, but better yet bring him into the fold to take down Abu Nazir!  But after last week's tense resolution of "The Clearing," will Brody be able to keep his cool as a double agent?  Check out the latest "I'll Fly Away" clips to find out!

Between his daughter Dana, wife Jessica, Roya Hammad and CIA handler Carrie Matheson, Nicholas Brody has a great many women pulling him in different directions.  "I'll Fly Away" may just seem like the best idea, particularly as Brody tries to keep his various covers, deal with his daughter's accident, and foil Abu Nazir's terrorist plot!

In the first clip from Sunday's all-new episode "I'll Fly Away," Jessica lays into her husband over what happened at the police station with regard to Dana's misdeeds, but in the second, Brody nearly cracks under the pressure of working with Roya Hammad!  Will Brody gather enough intel to stop the plot, or wind up complicit in the next big terrorist attack?  Will his family stay with him if they learn the truth?

Check out the latest all-new 'Homeland' clips from "I'll Fly Away" below, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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