The terrorist is out of the bag (or rather in the bag) now! Only four episodes into its second season, Showtime's Emmy darling and third-season-renewed 'Homeland' has already rocked the status quo a number of times, but none more so than this coming Sunday's nail-biter "Q&A." Congressman Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) has some difficult questions to answer, but will Carrie be the one to break him? And what do the new clips reveal about what's being told to the outside world?

The second season of Showtime's 'Homeland' only gets more intense this Sunday, as Brody faces deep interrogation for what Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) managed to uncover in their latest secret rendezvous. It remains to be seen exactly how much the team will be able to make stick on the turned congressman, but judging by the clip below, Brody clearly isn't in his best frame of mind.

And what about Brody's family and co-workers, unaware that he's been brought in for an interrogation? How long can Carrie and Saul hold him, before the outside world starts getting suspicious? Well, turns out there's an answer for that too.

Check out the latest clips from Sunday's all new episode of 'Homeland '"Q&A" below, and tell us what twists you're predicting in the comments!