For a show that's all about uncovering the latest intelligence at crucial junctures, there sure hasn't been a lot of advance word on the second season of Showtime's 'Homeland,' even if the season premiere is at least five months away.  So what's the latest report from showrunner Alex Gansa?

Speaking with TVLine, Gansa was more than forthcoming with details from season 2, which picks up from Carrie Matheson (Claire Danes) being forced into shock therapy to combat her bi-polar disorder, especially troublesome considering she'd just realized the connection between Nicholas Brody and Abu Nazir to be his young son.  Opening up some sixth months after the finale, Gansa says the season 2 premiere will explore the lingering questions of Carrie's rehabilitation, Saul's position, and how Brody's political career and relationship with his wife have evolved.

But as Saul reminded us, Carrie's breakdown meant that she wouldn't be likely allowed back into Langley for research, so how might she continue the investigation?  “It would have been too far a jump to bring her back into the fold full bore. However, there are ways that she can work around the edges of the intelligence community that make sense," says Gansa.

Not only that, but season 2 will provide a long journey for Carrie to return to a place of competence, and find vindication for her work in the investigation.  Says Gansa of her development:

Carrie has willed herself into a place of mental health, so she’s very different from where she was last year.

There’s a tremendous sense out there in the audience of wanting Carrie to know that she was right, that she’s not crazy and is really good at what she does, and that’s the moment we’re going to be building towards. Whether it’s going to happen in Season 2, I can’t tell you.

But what of Brody himself, having aborted his plan to assassinate the Vice President, but dedicating himself to moving closer to key government figures in a position of power for Nazir?  What new challenges might he face in the wake of Carrie's discrediting?   Gansa claims that you can count on Brody's former buddy (and his wife's interim lover) Mike to become more embroiled in the mix, "since he’s in military intelligence, he is going to get a hold of the commission report on the assassination attempt against the vice president, and there’s going to be a bunch of stuff in there that doesn’t make sense to him.”

Finally, what of the decision to move Jamey Sheridan (Vice President Walden) and Navid Nagahban (Abu Nazir) into series regular positions for the second season? “[Walden] is the object of Brody’s fury and was the man he was trying to kill, so any time you put those two characters together, it’s a very interesting dynamic. We wanted to keep that alive in the second season. [And Nazir] does factor in in a major way this year.”  Previously, Nazir's appearances had been limited to flashback and video conferencing.

'Homeland' premieres on Sunday September 30, alongside the seventh season of 'Dexter.'  But why read, when you can see for yourself!  Check out the new teaser for 'Homeland' season 2 asking all the unanswered questions, and give us your conspiracy theories in the comments below!